Friday, 27 April 2012

1940's Knitting - A V-necked Pullover Land Girl Jumper

1940's Knitting - A V-necked Pullover A Womens Land Army / Land Girl Jumper
A V-necked Pullover  - Land Girl Jumper
From Essentials for the Forces Jaeger Handknit
(32-34" Bust)

Notice error on typed version of pattern, should say under where it says wider. So it is 35" round bust (under arms)

I am using this pattern to make myself a Women's Land Army Pullover in Bottle green. The original issued Land Army uniform Pullover was mass produced so I would say from the ones I have seen machine knitted. 

The original pattern is essentially the same as the above, just a long sleeved V-neck Jumper, knitted throughout in K1. P1. rib. This pattern would be be simple enough to convert, though you might need to reduce the width a little to account for all the extra ease/stretch the rib will give and the neck band will need to be worked a little deeper