Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Vintage Pattern Files is on Flickr !!

Hello you lovely lot! Toady's free pattern will be along shortly, oh and today's is a doozy! But before it arrives I just wanted to pop in to tell you that I have created a little flickr group for The Vintage Pattern Files! The idea is its a place where you can show off your fabulous vintage crafty creations with the world! 

Anyone can join in and there are no time limits, the only rule is that your creations must have been made from, or inspired by, a pattern or tutorial that is available for free somewhere on the web!

I think it will be a perfect place for those lovely crafters a who don't have their own blog to show off what the have made, or those who do to link back to a post with their latest creation! Plus there is the ability to ask questions and share tips with the group, which I am hoping will prove useful and may encourage those who are a little nervous of a pattern to give it a go!

So if your interested then why not hop on over to join the group