Friday, 9 September 2016

1950s Knitting - Doreen 2 Needle Socks Booklet

The Vintage Pattern Files: Free 1950s Knitting Pattern - Doreen 2 Needle Socks Booklet

Doreen 2 Needle Socks Booklet
Socks For All The Family

This is a special pattern as it was one sent to me by a follower of this blog for me to share with you all today!

 Lesa has been kind enough to share a vintage pattern which was recently gifted to her by her mom Lesa's mom bought this pattern back in the 50s to knit her husband a pair of socks, unfortunately for him it was not meant to be, as Lesa's sister came along and the yarn was repurposed in to a sweater for the new arrival, though I am sure he didn't mind!  But if you fancy giving this pattern a try then the link is below!

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