Sunday, 23 July 2017

1940s Knitting - A Fringed Sweater

Hello, it's been a while! 

I have a few post lined up for you lovely people over the next couple of days so there is finally something going on on this little blog of mine, it was never my intention to leave it so long but with a massive life change towards the end of last year, it rather scuppered any plans I had to keep this blog going on a daily basis. That said things are a little calmer now in my world and so hopefully I will be able to be a bit more proactive around here, fingers crossed!

I've decided to start with a post from the lovely Bex over at Subversive Femme and another beauty from her collection. I have also been through all of Bex's previous posts that have been linked on here and updated the links as she now has a swishy new site and the old links were no longer connecting with the correct patterns, so I have done a bit of much over due maintenance and relinked the posts to their respective patterns!

If you find a link on this site which is no longer working please just drop me an email to:  and I will see what I can do to remedy it!

Right, enough waffle from me, onto the free pattern!

The Vintage Pattern Files: Free 1940s Knitting Pattern - Fringed Sweater
A Fringed Sweater
Vogue Knitting Book No. 34 1949
32-38" Bust

Kindly shared by the lovely Bex over at Subversive Femme