Monday, 17 June 2013

Australian Home Journal 1st April 1949

Today I have a real treat to share with you! 

The very lovely Denise, emailed me recently to share a link to an utterly amazing PDF she had found online! The PDF is a collection of Australian Home Journal issues ranging from 1949 to 1952, each issue contains multiple knitting & sewing patterns, plus recipes, adverts, stories and everything you would expect from a good vintage magazine! Its really wonderful and certainly worth a look even if your not much of a crafter.

I though to make it a little easier to find patterns if you are in a hurry or are looking for something in particular that I would do a separate post for each issue highlighting the Knitting and sewing patterns inclosed, with the relevant PDF page numbers.
So here is the first installment

Australian Home Journal 1st April 1949

Free Patterns Australian Home Journal 1st April 1949

Reindeer Jumper PG 17

Dramatic Deceptive Sleeves PG 47

Scarf Magic PG 37
The Rose Jumper PG 29
London Town Jumper PG 49
Starred With Daisies PG39
Marigold Beret & Mittens PG51 
Brotherly Warmth PG21

Thank you again Denise!