Friday, 29 November 2013

1970's Crochet - Women's Day Granny Square Booklet

It would seem that Granny squares are considered fashionable again, not only in terms of gorgeous throws and blankets to adorn your abode but also to adorn your body!

Meadham Kirchhoff’s rainbow crochet jumper and dress from Topshop
(Image source & further reading Deramores blog)
So to ensure you all stay ahead of the fashion curve, todays booklet is dedicated to all things Granny Square and my, there are a lot of ways to use them. Enjoy!

1973 Jan Women's Day 
Any One Can Do The Granny Square

Another simply amazing booklet from the Katie Parnell Collection, Kindly shared by her lovely daughter Jenny!

Free 1970's Granny Square Booklet Here

It is a large file so it may take a little while to download

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